Sunday, March 2, 2008

Latest Lollusabha Comedies/Spoofs

Lollu Sabha( லொல்லு சபா ), one of the most sought after comedy shows on Vijay, is back with a bang! This film based satire is filled with humour to provide wholesome family entertainment. It is a montage of slapstick comedy. A show that has created... A huge fan following across generations, Ripples of laughter through seasons, Is back with a bang! This time, it's bigger and better! Lollu Sabha is a great comic phenomenon with ardent fans spread worldwide. The show has created such a craze that it has blog sites and online communities that feature special videos from the show to relive those funny moments. Lollu Sabha, a name that definitely tickles the funny bones in one and all, is back and this time it's packed with lots more fun and gags to give the viewers some belly-jiggling laughter. The show stars the infamous gang of comic actors Manohar, Swaminathan, Jeeva and Seshu from the previous seasons who will keep the audiences in splits. ----------------We will soon be providing------------------ ALL THE LATEST VEDIOS, ALL FREQUENTLY UPDATED....... Keep you Posted..........yours

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