Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sport ticket, Concert ticket or Theater ticket; is the place for tickets

No need to stand in long ques and sweat out to buy your ticket. Visit to book tickets for sport events, concerts and theater events. has basketball tickets for the boston celtics tickets in mass and they play in TD garden tickets and NBA tickets for all cities.

This is a one stop spot to search for the events of your choice online and make the ticket booking instantaneously. Type the name of the event on the search box and you get a list of concerts and events matching the key words. You can also check the availability of tickets for various events and get to book the row and seat of your choice. The seating arrangements of different theaters can be viewed and mass bookings can be done easily.

Feel free to give a visit to for city guide for concerts and events, which shows you the details of events like NBA NCAA, NFL NCAA, Baseball, Hockey, Racing, Golf, concerts and theater.  

Friday, March 2, 2012

BlackBerry at the Rolling Stone Awards

BlackBerry came out to celebrate the industry-only Rolling Stone Awards night on January 25 in Sydney. Jim Finn from Art vs. Science chatted to a host of Aussie and international music legends, including Lupe Fiasco, Kimbra, Dan Sultan and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, about their music loves.

To find out more about BBM Music, head here

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HP Envy Spectre Ultrabook an amazing gadget

The HP Envy Spectre Ultrabook with about 9.5 hours battery life and an amazingly fast performance also gives you the best sound a system can give. The sleek design with easy to handle keys makes you want to use it again and again. It is the worlds first multi-surface glass Ultrabook, HP Envy Spectre must be the gadget of your dreams. The scratch resistant glass is the first of its kind in a laptop computer which makes Spectre the best choice. The Ultrabook, HP Envy Spectre is in a word, Extraordinary.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

You are being watched everyday!

Most of the websites you visit are filled with tracking companies, advertisers, and social networks trying to track you while you are busy reading attractive stuff on the internet. Your location, usage information, personal information, and activities are being monitored and used by many companies for many business purposes.

You might not believe the increase in speed of internet browsing when these tracking stuffs are blocked. You might have sometimes experienced viewing attractive advertisements and links that might somehow correlate to the websites that you had visited before and seem so apt to the current situation. This is all achieved by tracking what you are viewing on the internet for a longer time actually showing some interest on. 

Here is a solution to all your tracking worries: Do Not Track Plus - gives you the online privacy that you always wanted and makes the content that you want to view to be shown in the way it was intended to be. 

This software is completely free of cost and can be downloaded and installed within a minute. You can get protected from getting tracked by hundreds of tracking companies in millions of websites. 

View the video below for a short demo on how that works:

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

All that is going to get Blocked

Most of the resources that we get to use today are at the risk of getting blocked in future. With the speed with which free music and movies are going viral on the internet, it is not far off from being blocked. The entertainment industry has actually been enjoying the benefits of getting their work more popular by making is available for the people for free. 

It is not to going to take a long time, when all the outputs of the entertainment industry reach households for free and none of them pay even to appreciate the effort put in by the people in the industry. This is going to make file sharing concept and free online videos become history. We are now just under the testing process to get to know what will be of the liking, and more in demand so that those areas can be captured by the bigger players in the market and they can make millions since the people will be in a situation to pay up a small amount against using their services, to which we all will be dependent and cant do without. 

Every step that you make keep on the internet is going to make a permanent impression for which we need not be bothered until we are not exploiting the services that we are enjoying for free. The rate at which the data centers are increasing in volume, is making it more difficult to maintain and continue providing the same for free. 

All these are just to make people think about what is going on and what might happen, which is all subject to change when the internet is put to its best use. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The personalised rubber stamp botique - Dana & Maya

Dana & Maya Rubber stamp
Need an emblem to mark on your envelope and stationery? The website below is what you have been searching for:

Dana & Maya

Rubber stamps are most of the time ordered in a local store that make is look more crappy that you expected. That might create a bad opinion on the receiver's end with a smudgy mark and leaky ink box.

This custom gift sets contains a wooden stamp of 6 inches in length and 2 inches diameter. This can be handled with ease when you use the ink pad in a ceramic bowl that comes with it. A stamp rest is also given, to maintain the design in the stamp for a long time without drying and damage.

The personal text plate can be edited with a text of your choice and the logos you added to it. All this comes to you at a design packing to prevent any damage of the components of the set. Your logos on the new Dana & Maya to make your stamp impressions accurate and unique in appearance.

Download ebooks for free - Ebookee has helped me whenever I needed an e-book on some strange topics that wasn't available in any of the libraries and books stores nearby. It has good collection of e-books that are updated every day to meets the need of the public. The members help one another by uploading the materials they have to make you job simpler.

You can save a lot on getting the books of your choice from this website. These e-books are in the PDF format that can be read in all the latest gadgets like tabloid and i-pad. Most of the websites charge a small amount to register to their website to get the books, whereas there are no hidden costs here, making it the most preferred location to find free e-books.

You can download the books of your choice from the categories provided that might also lead to many of the new collections that you might have missed at the book store. You can browse through the gallery even with a keyword search that would take you directly to the books similar to the ones that you wanted.

Here you can also find some reviews that might help in knowing about the books and its similar entries. You need not pay a single penny for registration and downloading. Since the books are all uploaded in external servers, they are able to give this service to us free of cost. The external servers might or might not require registration according to the website that you use. You provided with options of downloading the same book from different sources.

Visit :

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Celebrity Dog Whisperer - Dog behavior specialist

Are you annoyed by the behavior of your pet dog? You are at the right place to find a solution to that problem. You can contact the dog behavior specialist who can understand and treat you pet with all the care it needs. The Celebrity Dog Whisperer can train you in the methods of handling your pets to keep it cool and the way you like it to be.

All you have to do is to visit the website and pay initially with all the contact details filled in the website. You will be contacted and inquired about the timing of the consultation. The consultant will patiently explain to you on what action to be taken to change the behavior of you pet. Pets also have all the will in the world to get annoyed by some of our behavior and practices that will also be explained in detail during the consultation.

Here is a blog that gives the answers to your pets strange behavior:

Contact the The Celebrity Dog Whisperer here

Make your donations to this website that also rescues the dogs that are mistreated and take care of it from then. You will soon see Dawn Welsh on television who is also getting ready to train eight celebrities on the methods of taking care of pets.

Take care of your pets and contact her whenever you find that your pet has a strange behavior. You might not be the sole reason to make it angry and react strangely.

Making your blog unique in approach and appearance

Blogging has always been a hobby that gives people a hint of what contentment is all about. You yell around all day in the office and at home that will just give you a heavy headache and also increase your blood pressure.

Here is a space where you can be heard by the world, now and then wish. This modern era of computers has given you the boon of a precious resource called the internet. This is where is a space specially reserved for you and your shout-outs.

Blogs have helped in resolving problems that have been long thought to be impossible. The mental stress that you might go through every day, can be vented out here and can be read over anytime and anywhere you want it. Internet is always around you.

The INTERNET is an imaginary brain that holds the content from all the brains in the world till now. There might be a situation in future when everything starting from studies to work can be done from you home - with a computer an internet connection. Start creating you own blog right away which will be your imaginary friend who listens to all your worries, that consoles you and adores you with responses from around the world.

The content that you post online in blogs can also be made private, so that you can maintain it as journal that can be edited and anytime you wish to. This can also make you more flexible in finding ways to solve your problems, since you are elaborating yourself to the fullest extent.

Get your webisites listed in a specialised business web directory -

Web directory review

Be it product or  service, publicity is what your company needs. Your business can change its course up the hill when it gets listed in a business web directory like is 100% SEO friendly in its design that increases the Google rankings of your websites which in turn gives you an edge over the competitors. The ones that stand out in the rankings can reach the hands of customers more easily.

Imagine a market filled with buyers where your service never sells. This what happens to a website that is not listed in directories. Your business can get a face lift by getting listed in this business web directory which is W3, css, and HTML valid. Websites listed in are never to miss the jump in the rankings. You can also get your website reviewed by editors and ranked seperately.

An online business needs to be listed in a web dictory which is active and to be checked frequently for its stand over the competitors. Here in automatic thumbnail is generated from the cached pages of you website in google, that gives a clear preview to the people who visit the directory and use your service.

Website listing in can be 5 deep URLs to reach the nook and corner of your products and services. The listed URLs can also be changed to your requirement which can make it easy for you to market a spefic product or service.

The most astounding thing in this service is that there is no hidden cost for listing your business in the business web directory.

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