Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get your webisites listed in a specialised business web directory - Jasminedirectory.com

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Be it product or  service, publicity is what your company needs. Your business can change its course up the hill when it gets listed in a business web directory like Jasminedirectory.com
Jasminedirectory.com is 100% SEO friendly in its design that increases the Google rankings of your websites which in turn gives you an edge over the competitors. The ones that stand out in the rankings can reach the hands of customers more easily.

Imagine a market filled with buyers where your service never sells. This what happens to a website that is not listed in directories. Your business can get a face lift by getting listed in this business web directory which is W3, css, and HTML valid. Websites listed in Jasminedirectory.com are never to miss the jump in the rankings. You can also get your website reviewed by editors and ranked seperately.

An online business needs to be listed in a web dictory which is active and to be checked frequently for its stand over the competitors. Here in Jasminedirectory.com automatic thumbnail is generated from the cached pages of you website in google, that gives a clear preview to the people who visit the directory and use your service.

Website listing in Jasminedirectory.com can be 5 deep URLs to reach the nook and corner of your products and services. The listed URLs can also be changed to your requirement which can make it easy for you to market a spefic product or service.

The most astounding thing in this service is that there is no hidden cost for listing your business in the business web directory.

Click on the link below to get your business listed ASAP

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