Friday, July 22, 2011

Struds - An integrated software for modelling, analysis and design of Structures

Structural designing is no longer a laborious task, which needs the usage of various Standard codes and memory of dozens of formulas.
Companies can now pep up their designers to give an extra edge in their building design projects. It has never been so easy to model a building in an analysis software.
Reinforced concrete and steel structures can be designed with ease by importing the CAD drawings and generating the 3 dimensional model in just a matter of minutes. Floor plans can be directly converted into building components by the import options in Struds.
Struds software has many advantages over the other design software like STAAD Pro which needs a heck of a time in bringing out the model of the building for analysis. The self weight of the components are automatically generated, making the task of the designer more simple. complicated loads like earthquake loads and wind loads are also generated at the click of the mouse.
Most advances feature of Struds is the option for interactive design and automatic grouping of components of similar sizes. The design can be edited now and then by keyboard entry of bar sizes, spacing and other criteria.
Another added advantage is how the output of all the designs can be obtained in an easily editable DXF format which can be further enhanced and presented in a way that even a kid can understand. The execution becomes more easy since there are special options for keeping up the size and bar continuity in columns.
This software is used even by consultants who can get all the work done by Struds which is actually done by a group of designer engineers in a big corporate.

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