Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SEPL-ESRGSR is the easiest way to design storage reservoirs

Elevated and groung storage reservoirs are structures to be desined with intense care, in long running design procedure thats takes you more than a dozen pages and hours to calculate the values. Here is a simple solution to provide you the design at simple keyboard entry.

SEPL-ESRGSR has changed the way storage reservoirs are designed, completely eliminating the need of any prior experience of designing. Reservoir designs are always too long and requires prior experience of the design procedure. The step by step design procedure has to be followed by checks to ensure the correctness of the obtained sizes which takes up all the valuable time of the design engineer.

All these designs are just clicks ahead of you, with this software. The user interface is also very simple with the selection of required reservoir type, capacities and other basic parameters. Calclation of earthquake loads and wind loads are automatically done for the analysis of the structure. Other parameters like the overall dimension required and type of footing also have to be enterted before the analysis.

Design engineers can now create better and safer designs using this software, which is the first of its kind in India. Other software require complex modelling procedures for storage reservoirs which doesn't provide a detailed output as obtained in this software.

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