Saturday, February 11, 2012

All that is going to get Blocked

Most of the resources that we get to use today are at the risk of getting blocked in future. With the speed with which free music and movies are going viral on the internet, it is not far off from being blocked. The entertainment industry has actually been enjoying the benefits of getting their work more popular by making is available for the people for free. 

It is not to going to take a long time, when all the outputs of the entertainment industry reach households for free and none of them pay even to appreciate the effort put in by the people in the industry. This is going to make file sharing concept and free online videos become history. We are now just under the testing process to get to know what will be of the liking, and more in demand so that those areas can be captured by the bigger players in the market and they can make millions since the people will be in a situation to pay up a small amount against using their services, to which we all will be dependent and cant do without. 

Every step that you make keep on the internet is going to make a permanent impression for which we need not be bothered until we are not exploiting the services that we are enjoying for free. The rate at which the data centers are increasing in volume, is making it more difficult to maintain and continue providing the same for free. 

All these are just to make people think about what is going on and what might happen, which is all subject to change when the internet is put to its best use. 

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