Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dasavataram//HQ DVD Video....Direct Download

The Movie released with the biggest HYPE !!!!

The People all around the world have now witnessed the effect of big expectations. Many other films have reached the level of ultimate entertainment, but too are not that much noticed and screened all around the world. It also in the hands of we people to make the film industry better by giving choices and preferences to the better ones and not to go with the great Hype and the world wide release, the star cast, etc.

Film industry has changed a lot since the olden days ones, and this fact is well know by us all, but have we ever made a single thought how and why it has been changing and is still changing. The betterment of the movie is with respect to the likes and dislikes of we people, so making movies better is in our Hands. Let us join hands to make ourselves and our lives more entertaining and more enjoyable.

Here is a direct download of the movie Dasavatharam, ie: the downloading starts with just a single click. For the people who did not watch the movie: according to me the movie is not that good to see more than once.

Dwnload Part 1

Dwnload Part 2

Dwnload Part 3

Dwnload Part 4

Dwnload Part 5[/b]

Just click on the above links to start the downloads.

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