Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Global Billing Solution by PasswordByCall

Webmasters, Businessmen and other small scale businessmen who wants to sell products online! It would've be a great deal for you to sell these products online since most of the people's question is that "How can i buy this product if i do not own a credit card ?". There is no other solution better than this PasswordByCall. Now i think you won't have any problem with your online business since it is going to get monetized by thus making the product of yours available to the users from all over the world without even using the credit card.

 People can buy your products just by making one phone call from their mobile or landlines, to listen to the password in their native language, with an availability of about 35 languages. This password can be used to buy the product and the cost of it is directly reduced from the phone call. The time of usage of the product can also be controlled, with regular payments on every 15 days, so u need not keep waiting for months to receive payments.

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