Sunday, May 11, 2008

Paid Blogging in the New Era with Snabbomb

Paid Blogging in this new era is also referred to as blog marketing, and is getting more famous amongst the youth throughout the world. Here is a place which is very different from other blog marketing websites, giving the actual value for your blog which is automatically calculated and displayed in just few minutes after registration.

Snapbomb is thus a unique place for blog advertising, where advertisers will be paying less money for better quality content, when compared to other places where you might be paying lot more and might not be assured of the quality.

For Bloggers this is the place for blogs with a good Page Rank where you will be valued for your quality of content. You are paid well for creating just a buzz of 150 words are not compelled to give disclosure buttons and codes, hence your paid post will no more be identified by crawls of search engines as a paid content. All your posts done for Snapbomb are reviewed are given ratings and thus increasing the value of your blog!
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