Saturday, February 16, 2008

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

This antiviral program offers rock-solid protection for no financial commitment. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition provides all the necessities, including a tool for scanning your hard drive and e-mail, as well as a real-time shield to prevent infections. By default, the application is set to search for new virus definitions daily, but you always can use the scheduling tool to change this. Should a virus create serious system problems, AVG creates a rescue disk to scan your computer in MS-DOS mode. The program doesn't tax your system when scanning or when running in the background and always proved effective in our tests. The interface can't be described as beautiful, yet it is mostly simple to navigate. Sure, you can plunk down a lot of cash for an antiviral application with more features, but AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition delivers the goods for free. copy and paste the link below in your address bar to dowload AVG Anti-Virus Software http:<="http:////<ype=dl_dlnow&pid=10788045&mfgId=6270610&merId=6270610&">//<ype=dl_dlnow&pid=10788045&mfgId=6270610&merId=6270610&> //<ype=dl_dlnow&pid=10788045&mfgId=6270610&merId=6270610&">Download Now

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