Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Latest iPod and iPhone video software

Video conversion software for those gloriously glossy Apple devices is getting better, and plentiful. There's HandBrake for Windows and Mac (review), Videora iPod Converter, which does iPhone, too, and a slew of others to grab and convert YouTube videos. The very popular Videora iPod Converter is one case in which an app shouldn't be too hastily judged by its name. This video-converting freebie transforms files for the range of Apple's ilk--three types of iPods and the iPhone to boot. Videora iPod Converter can grab and convert YouTube videos through an in-app browser (this is good for owners of the classic iPods), and will also work over files stored on your desktop (this is good for everyone). However, Videora iPod Converter isn't the only free converter in town, and it has some notable drawbacks. Decide if it's for you by watching the First Look video below, and brush up on other YouTube video converters for your iPod or cell phone. Download Videora iPod Converter 3.07

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