Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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Tales Of the Silicon Valley.....THE MIGHTY CRAY ------------ Watch Video Meet a supercomputer inspired by Star Trek with a wall-sized power bank in this episode of Tales of Silicon Valley. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The World's First OLED TV......... Watch Video The Olevia 252T FHD deserves consideration among budget 1080p flat-panel LCDs, but it still had a hard time making hay against the better plasmas ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The World's Best Remote????..............!!! Waych Video The Logitech Harmony One is one of the best learning remotes that we've seen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Nokia N96 Watch Video At GSMA 2008, Bonnie Cha takes a look at the Nokia N96, which brings tons of improvements over the N95. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Fresh From the CNET TV Go watch and Please leave Comment....!!!!!!

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